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What are the benefits of taking the Prequel™ Prenatal Screen?

If you’re pregnant, the Prequel™ Prenatal Screen is a noninvasive screen ordered by your healthcare provider that you can take as early as 10 weeks into your pregnancy to learn about your baby’s chance of having a chromosome abnormality leading to a condition like Down syndrome. All we need is a simple blood draw from your arm, causing no increased risk to you or your pregnancy. By analyzing small pieces of DNA from your baby’s placenta, called cell-free DNA, that float in the blood during pregnancy we can determine the chance that a baby has certain chromosome abnormalities. Results are available in approximately 1 week.

The Prequel™ Prenatal Screen has the lowest test failure rate in the industry, which translates to a lower chance of needing a repeat test or an unnecessary invasive diagnostic procedure. We use advanced science and technology that works for pregnant women of all ages,  and for those with twin and IVF pregnancies.