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How quickly do I need to send samples for the Foresight® Carrier Screen and Prequel™ Prenatal Screen?

Myriad Women’s Health Sample Requirements 

All specimens should be labeled with at least two patient identifiers (name, date of birth or Myriad Women’s Health barcode), and the collection date. Each sample should be placed in its own kit along with corresponding paperwork. Multiple kits going to Myriad Women’s Health may be packed in one FedEx envelope.  

  • All samples require a signed requisition (paper or electronic) from the patient’s healthcare provider before any screens can be processed or results can be issued.  
  • All collection tubes must not be expired at time of sample collection. 
Myriad ForesightTM Carrier Screen  
Myriad PrequelTM  Prenatal Screen (NIPS) 
Blood Samples  
Saliva Samples  
Blood Samples 
Sample Container  
One 4mL EDTA tube (provided in kit) 
One Oragene™tube (provided in kit) 
One 10mL Streck tub (provided in kit) 
Quantity Required 
1 mL minimum 
1 mL of saliva + 1 mL of buffer per Oragene™ kit (OGD-510)  
Patients should fill the saliva collection device to the marked fill line, not including bubbles. 
7mL minimum  
Storage & Stability  
Store at room temperature for up to 48 hours, or up to 2 weeks refrigerated.  
Store at room temperature for up to one year. 
Sample should be sent right away.  Do not refrigerate. Stable up to 7 days at room temperature post collection. 
Shipping Instructions 
Ship all samples in provided kits with 2-day FedEx envelope. 
Ship all samples in provided kits with 2-day FedEx envelope. 
Ship all samples in provided kits with 1-day FedEx envelope. 
Special Instructions  
Instructions for saliva collection should be followed closely.  
Patient should not eat, drink, smoke, chew gum or kiss for at least 30 minutes prior to giving a sample.  Remember to close the lid to add the buffer to the tube before changing the cap. 
Gestational age is required on the tube. Dating method and pregnancy type (singleton or twin) are both required on requisition.