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How do I pre-verify my insurance coverage?

Myriad Women’s Health, we are dedicated to ensuring our screens are affordable for all patients. We provide individualized price estimates based on your specific order and insurance plan within 48 hours of receiving your sample at our laboratory. Price estimates are delivered by email and text message. 

If you wish to obtain a precise estimate of your out-of-pocket costs prior to receiving a price estimate, please begin by calling the member services phone number on your health insurance card. Keep your card handy, as your insurer may request your Member ID. They may also request our tax identification number, which is 74-3238060, to determine our network status with your plan.  

In order to receive a cost, you will need to ask about your plan’s coverage for diagnostic lab testing. It may also be helpful to provide the billing (CPT) codes associated with the Myriad Women’s Health screens, as well as our tax ID. CPT codes vary between insurance carriers and clinical indication codes. If you have questions about your specific CPT codes and have already sent in your order, click “Can I learn more about this test?” on your price estimate to view the codes that have been applied towards your screening. 

If cost is a concern, we offer financial options in our Myriad Access Program, such as financial assistance and interest-free payment plans.