Foresight Carrier™ Screen

Hear stories from real Myriad Women's Health patients.

The Kvitko Family

“I’m so thankful that we had that information and that we could act on it as soon as Sonya was born”

Missy Kvitko, Myriad Foresight® Carrier Screen patient

Missy and Yan were already pregnant with their first child when they took the Myriad Foresight® Carrier Screen. Upon receiving their results, they were surprised to learn that they are both carriers of mutations that put their child at a 25% risk of hearing loss. With this information in hand they were able to prepare and educate themselves on their options.  When Sonya did not pass her initial hearing screen at birth they were able to spring into action and take the steps that were right for their family.

The Bessey Family

“I truly believe that knowledge is power”

Emily Bessey, Myriad Foresight® Carrier Screen patient

Emily and Ethan Bessey were overjoyed to be growing their family. After having a healthy baby girl, they looked forward to life with a new little boy. When he was a few months old, Emily noticed Ezra was not reaching certain milestones. A diagnosis of a serious genetic condition the Bessey’s had never heard of and had no family history of, quickly followed. After losing their son at just 8 months old, they are determined to help spread awareness of carrier screening so other parents can be empowered.

The Baumgartel Family

“For us there was just no question. We knew what we needed to do to have healthy children and that’s what all parents want”

Jen Baumgartel, Myriad Foresight® Carrier Screen patient

Before starting their family, Jen and Joe took the Myriad Foresight® Carrier Screen, even though there were no health issues on either side of the family. They just wanted to know. Much to their surprise, their results revealed they they are both carriers for the same serious genetic condition. Having this information before they started their family helped guide their decisions. This also allowed them to bring this information to other members of their family who were considering having children of their own.