Myriad Complete: Results

We deliver lab results so that you can focus on patient care

Myriad CompleteTM offers a seamless platform that can manage patient results and keep track of patient activity, giving you the freedom to determine the best care plan for your patient’s individual needs.


Does discussing genetic screening results with all your patients seem overwhelming?

With Myriad Complete, patients receive more than just a risk score. We take them through a comprehensive follow-up program, which includes a detailed clinical review and discussion of next steps, so you can feel confident that your patients will get their questions answered before their next visit.

Patient-friendly reports

Clear and comprehensive reporting

Our patient-friendly reports are clear and comprehensive, with patient risk information and detailed insights into each condition, curated by our team of genetic counselors. Our reports also include clinical management options and educational resources specific to each result. You also have the ability to merge partner results for Foresight patients to receive a couple’s personalized risk for screened conditions.

Education >

We provide resources to help you educate your patients about Myriad products.

  • Patient education in multiple formats
  • Comprehensive provider support for Myriad screening and testing
  • Patient identification tools and tele-education

Access >

We offer a comprehensive program to make genetic products accessible for more of your patients.

  • Personalized cost estimates
  • Broad in-network status with health plans
  • Comprehensive financial assistance

Results >

We deliver screening and testing results effectively and thoroughly so you can focus on care plans.

  • Automated email and text notifications
  • Online results portal and tracking
  • Assistance with result interpretation

Consults >

We provide consults from genetic counselors tailored to help your patient understand their results.

  • Patient access to consults for all result types
  • Detailed consult reports available for providers
  • Provider access to genetic counselors to understand Myriad reports