Myriad Complete: Education

We make it easier to inform and educate your patients

When you offer Myriad Women’s Health screening, you receive access to educational resources for both your practice and patients with Myriad CompleteTM


How do you explain genetic screening to your patients?

At Myriad Women’s Health, we provide support throughout the genetic screening process. Whether you are most comfortable presenting information on Myriad’s screens and tests in person using visual aids or having your patients review materials before their appointments — we’ve got it covered.

Patient Resources

Educational resources to support your patient conversations

Myriad Women’s Health provides a variety of educational resources to help you explain screening to your patients at every stage. Our materials were developed by a team of experts, including board-certified genetic counselors, to reflect best practices and to help your patients easily understand the benefits of genetic screening with Myriad Women’s Health.

Select materials are also available in multiple languages to help your patients fully comprehend and share information with relevant family members.


Download educational resources for you and your patients

Provider Resources

Support for you and your staff

Myriad Women’s Health helps simplify conversations with your patients about our screening and testing by providing you and your staff with professional development resources and on-demand support.

Provider education resources include:

Education programs

Attend educational programs hosted by local women’s health providers to learn best practices in implementing Myriad screening into everyday practice.

50+ genetic counselors

Our 50+ board-certified genetic counselors are available to provide you, your staff, and your patients with Myriad screening and testing support on-demand.

Digital resources

Access online resources including educational videos and webinars on topics such as hereditary cancer screening.

Webinar: Better conversations for efficient patient education >

Clinical data

Review clinical research and insights from our latest publications and presentations at national conferences.

Discover more >

Education >

We provide resources to help you educate your patients about Myriad products.

  • Patient education in multiple formats
  • Comprehensive provider support for Myriad screening and testing
  • Patient identification tools and tele-education

Access >

We offer a comprehensive program to make genetic products accessible for more of your patients.

  • Personalized cost estimates
  • Broad in-network status with health plans
  • Comprehensive financial assistance

Results >

We deliver screening and testing results effectively and thoroughly so you can focus on care plans.

  • Automated email and text notifications
  • Online results portal and tracking
  • Assistance with result interpretation

Consults >

We provide consults from genetic counselors tailored to help your patient understand their results.

  • Patient access to consults for all result types
  • Detailed consult reports available for providers
  • Provider access to genetic counselors to understand Myriad reports