The Myriad Access Program: Prenatal

The Myriad Access program helps you make informed choices about your health, your family, and your future.


We understand that every situation is unique.

For our prenatal products (Foresight Carrier Screen and Prequel Prenatal Screen), we have several options for you to choose between to help with your specific financial situation. These include interest-free payment plans and financial assistance which you may qualify for based on family size, income and medical expenses.

If you so choose, everything will be explained in a personalized cost estimate sent within a few days of receiving your provider’s order.

Myriad is in-network with most insurance plans.This means you can make the most of your insurance benefits. If any payment is needed, it will typically go towards your annual deductible

After ordering, you will receive a personalized estimate.

After you order, if you’ve so elected, you will receive an email or text linking to your personalized out-of-pocket cost estimate and payment options.

Your estimate is not a bill or a guarantee of your costs. Your actual costs and benefits may vary depending on your insurance company and your specific benefit plan.

We start to process your sample immediately after we receive it to make sure you get your results as soon as possible.

What you can find in your estimate

  • Personalized estimate of out-of-pocket cost
  • Information on the Myriad Access program
  • What’s next for your test
  • Access to online resources

Your estimate is based on the information provided with your order and the information we receive from your insurance company. Your actual costs and benefits may vary depending on your insurance company and your specific benefit plan.

I have questions about my estimate

We are here to help. Take a look at answers to the frequently asked questions below. If you still need assistance, please view our FAQs.

  • Why do people with insurance have different out-of-pocket costs for the same test?
  • What if I did not receive an estimate?
  • What if I need prior authorization?

Are you eligible for financial assistance?

Eligibility for financial assistance for prenatal screens (Foresight Carrier Screen and Prequel Prenatal Screen) is determined by family size, income, and medical expenses. Review the criteria in the table below and apply here.

Family Size
(excluding current pregnancy)
Combined family income
equal to or less than*
1 $49,960
2 $67,640
3 $85,320
4 $103,000
5 $120,680
6 $138,360
7 $156,040
8+ $173,720
  • *Combined household income must be less than or equal to 4 times the federal poverty guidelines. This is based on the HHS Poverty Guidelines. Restrictions may apply.

Payment plans

Interest-free payment plans are available for every patient, regardless of financial need.

Learn about payment plans >