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Myriad CompleteTM


Myriad Complete streamlines the genetic screening process, so you can seamlessly integrate Myriad Genetics into your practice.


Myriad Complete is a proprietary suite of services to help your patients through the genetic testing process, each designed to assist you as you determine the best care plan for your patient’s individual needs.



We support patients and healthcare providers throughout the genetic screening process, with pre-test education, billing support, clear results reporting, and post-test education. These supporting services allow for simple integration of Myriad Genetics' genetic screens into routine clinical care and help patients better understand and benefit from their test results.

Supporting Services through Myriad Complete


We provide resources to help educate your patients about Myriad products.

  • Patient education from certified genetic counselors
  • Electronic patient identification tools

We offer a comprehensive program to make genetic products accessible for more of your patients.

  • Virtual ordering options
  • EMR integrations
  • Mobile phlebotomy
  • Personalized cost estimates

We deliver screening and testing results effectively and thoroughly so you can focus on care plans.

  • Results management
  • Provider portal
  • Patient portal

We provide consults from patient educators, who are genetic counselors, tailored to help any questions your patients may have.

  • Patient consult sessions
  • Provider consults

Unlock the power of genetics

At Myriad Genetics, we provide support throughout the genetic screening process. Whether you are most comfortable presenting information on Myriad’s screens and tests in person using visual aids or having your patients review materials before their appointments — we’ve got it covered.


Myriad Genetics provides a comprehensive patient education experience to ensure patients thoroughly understand the genetic screening and process. Our electronic patient identification tools help determine if patients may be appropriate for testing. We also offer pre-test education consults with patient educators, who are genetic counselors, and a variety of additional educational resources to support patient conversations about genetic screening. These curated resources were designed to reflect best practices and to help your patients easily understand the process of genetic testing with Myriad Genetics.

Select materials are also available in multiple languages to help your patients fully comprehend and share information with relevant family members.

Input your information below to access educational resources for you and your patients:

A guide on the patient testing journey

Myriad Genetics helps streamline conversations with your patients about our screening and testing by providing you and your staff with professional development resources and on-demand support, so that the patients can understand our testing process.

Education programs

  • Attend educational programs hosted by local women’s health providers to learn best practices in implementing Myriad screening into everyday practice.

Digital resources

  • Access online resources including educational videos and webinars on topics such as hereditary cancer screening.
  • myGeneHistory – an online family history questionnaire provides accurate patient identification based on guidelines from NCCN, USPSTF, and ASBrS. Patient results are sent instantly and securely to your linked MyriadPro account for fast online ordering.
  • mySupport360 is an educational website to help guide your patients through their cancer journey every step of the way.

Patient Educators

  • Our 50+ Patient Educators, who are trained as genetic counselors are available on-demand to answer any questions you, your staff, and your patients may have about Myriad’s screening and testing process.

Clinical data

    • Review clinical research and insights from our latest publications and presentations at national conferences.

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Know What to Expect

We offer a comprehensive program to make genetic screening and testing accessible for more of your patients, with:

  • Broad in-network status with health plans
  • Financial assistance and payment plans, for those that qualify
  • Personalized cost estimates for prenatal screens


As part of the Myriad Complete Access program, we offer personalized cost estimates so that patients know the cost of their genetic screen or test up front.

Behind every test is a person

The Myriad Promise is our commitment to provide access to affordable screening and testing to help patients make informed choices about their health, their families, and their futures.

Reliable Results for Actionable Decisions

With Myriad Complete, patients receive more than just a risk score. If you’d like us to, we can take them through a comprehensive follow-up to ensure all of their questions are answered.

All interactions we have with your patients are documented and summarized for you so you’re kept up-to-date and are prepared for their next visit.

There's Power in Being Prepared

Our patient-friendly reports are clear and comprehensive, with patient risk information and detailed insights into each condition, curated by our team of genetic counselors. Our reports also include clinical management options and educational resources specific to each result. You also have the ability to merge partner results for Foresight patients to receive a couple’s personalized risk for screened conditions so you don’t have to try and figure it out from two separate reports.

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Deeper Understanding For a Higher Level of Care

Every Myriad Genetics prenatal screen includes a consultation with one of our Patient Educators.

Your patients can schedule a consult or access one of our Patient Educators on-demand. Once completed, the consult is documented and a summary is sent back to you, their ordering provider. Patient Educators are also available to answer any questions your practice may have about Myriad Genetics screening.

With you every step of the way

Our team of Patient Educators, are trained as genetic counselors, healthcare professionals with specialized education who are able to provide information, support and help answer personalized questions your patients may have about their Myriad test or screens during post-test consults.

For more information about genetic counselors visit ABGC or NSGC.

Accurate Results When It Matters

Our Patient Educators support your patients by helping answer any questions they may have about their Myriad Genetics tests or screens.

When your patients utilize our on-demand or scheduled Patient Education service, you’ll receive detailed notes from the consult.

Our Patient Educators are also available for you and your staff to answer any questions you may have about Myriad Genetics screening.


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