Clinical Validity

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Myriad Women’s Health ensures the clinical validity of our genetic screens with a scientific approach to panel design, variant classification, and result reporting.


Panel design

Myriad Women’s Health ensures the clinical validity of our tests with a scientific approach to panel design, variant classification, and result reporting. Our panels are specifically designed to maximize sensitivity for clinically actionable diseases.1 Variants identified in our clinical testing are subject to a robust curation process, consistent with the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) and the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) joint guidelines.2 Myriad Women’s Health’s customized reporting provides the vital information needed to make informed health decisions.

Variant Classification

Real-time curation

Any novel variant identified in a patient sample at Myriad Women’s Health undergoes real-time curation. Our team of expert variant curation scientists systematically gathers and critically evaluates all available evidence to determine a variant’s clinical significance.

After rigorous expert review, we use stringent criteria to classify variants according to ACMG guidelines.2

Achieving both high sensitivity and specificity,1 our variant interpretation pipeline is thorough, reproducible, and accurate. Myriad Women’s Health’s classifications are highly concordant with those of other expert labs.3,4


Clear, insightful reporting

Myriad Women’s Health reports are clear, comprehensive, and can be easily accessed online by patients and providers. In addition to detailed results and relevant clinical information, our specialized reporting features provide key insights for the Foresight Carrier Screen including:

  • Both members of a couple screened can receive a combined report highlighting reproductive risk
  • Personalized risk assessment using ethnicity-specific disease incidence and detection rates
  • Dependent allele reporting identifying variants whose pathogenicity is contingent on the presence or absence of a second variant in the same gene5
  • Copy number variant reporting*

* The Foresight Carrier Screen includes panel-wide deletion calling, and duplication calling for certain prevalent conditions.

Our Team

Meet the Myriad Women's Health team

Myriad Women’s Health’s laboratory directors oversee all aspects of clinical validity, from panel design to variant curation/interpretation and result reporting.

Myriad Women’s Health’s team of over 30 expert variant curators are MS/PhD scientists and certified genetic counselors with multidisciplinary expertise in clinical counseling, biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, cell biology, population genetics, and bioinformatics. With 120+ years of combined curation experience, our team has classified more than 20,000 variants at Myriad Women’s Health to date.

Krista Borman Moyer,
Director, Clinical Genomics
Saurav Guha,
Clinical Molecular Geneticist
Bethany Buckley,
Clinical Molecular Geneticist


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