Our Vision

We empower women and their families to make critical and timely healthcare decisions.


About Us

Myriad Women’s Health, Inc. is a premier genetic screening and testing company. Our genetic screens provide actionable information, empowering women and their families to make critical and timely healthcare decisions, whether they’re thinking about starting a family or evaluating risk for cancer.

We are dedicated to providing:

Proven test performance for confident decision-making

Our next generation sequencing platform is scientifically validated to provide industry-leading sensitivities and specificities. This empowers clinicians to provide the best care for patients based on their results.

Support at every step so clinicians can provide better patient care

Your patient is our purpose. From pre-test education to post-test support, we partner with you to integrate genetic screening and testing seamlessly into your clinic’s existing workflow so that you can better care for your patients.

Comprehensive patient assistance to improve access and affordability

We are committed to making genetic screening and testing accessible for all patients who can benefit so that they can make informed choices about their health, their families, and their futures, regardless of their financial situation.

Formed in 2018, Myriad Women’s Health is a combination of Counsyl, Inc. and Myriad Preventive Care, a part of Myriad Genetic Laboratories, Inc.


Our Vision

We strive to put patients first, put clinicians in control, and put costs in their place. We seek to transform the execution and delivery of complex genetic testing and screening through our three high-value products, which include end-to-end workflow features to make delivering Myriad testing to your patients seamless.

Our Products

Foresight® Carrier Screen >

Unmatched detection of at-risk couples for serious conditions.

Prequel™ Prenatal Screen >

Reliable results the first time with our noninvasive prenatal screen.

myRisk® Hereditary Cancer Test >

Help patients get ahead of cancer with our hereditary cancer test.

Myriad Complete™

Myriad Complete is a proprietary suite of screening and testing solutions, designed so you can be confident every patient is receiving high quality care when it comes to Myriad Women’s Health products, without additional burden on your practice.

These workflow services support both providers and patients throughout the genetic screening and testing journey from pre-test education to post-test support to create a manageable and more efficient process.

2 million+ patient results delivered

55+ peer-reviewed publications*

*fiscal years 2018 and 2018 November YTD

100,000+ genetic consults performed

250+ million lives in-network

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