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Remote Solutions to Assess Reproductive Risk

In March, ASRM recommended that fertility care providers delay any but the most urgent reproductive care cases to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus1. While these guidelines were effective in flattening the curve, they also disrupted many fertility care plans and created an influx of individuals who are eager to kickstart their family planning journeys. Proactive genetic risk assessment is an important early step in patients’ fertility journeys as it plays a critical role in guiding reproductive care. 

Although many states are beginning to loosen mitigation strategies, it is far from business as usual and  ASRM recommends increasing utilization of telehealth services to minimize the risk of in-person interactions1. Myriad Women’s Health has several virtual screening offerings to efficiently provide important genetic insights so your patients can get their fertility care plans back on track. 

We offer a wide range of digital solutions to ensure you can keep your patients safe while continuing to deliver the same high-quality care. Our virtual ordering options and patient education services make it easy to determine if your patients are at-risk for passing down certain serious genetic conditions using the Foresight® Carrier Screen.

Click here to learn more about how Myriad can help you maximize your in-person visits by leveraging our virtual solutions. 


Ship saliva kits directly to patients in your care so they can complete sample collection in the comfort and safety of their own home


*Concerned about saliva sample failures? We’ve found patients who have access to our kit instructions on how to properly collect a saliva sample have an equivalent pass through rate as blood samples.


Submit an electronic order for your patients and their partners through our Provider Portal
Email or fax a copy of the TRF using our coversheet

Fill out this form to connect with a Myriad representative and get set up with our Provider Portal or receive our paper TRF and cover sheet.


Improve patient satisfaction with a meaningful learning experience so your patients are fully informed of the importance of Myriad’s Foresight® Carrier Screen


With every virtual Foresight order, Myriad sends an educational video to your patient via email about the purpose of carrier screening.
Patients also have on-demand access to our team of patient educators, who are Certified Genetic Counselors, to address any additional questions. They will be informed on how to access this team in the same email.
You can supplement this video by sending over any other patient education resources, such as a patient education flipbook or patient brochure.


Merged couple reports make it easy for couples to understand if they are at-risk for passing down a serious genetic condition.
Our on-demand or scheduled consults can connect patients to a patient educator, who is a Certified Genetic Counselor, in as little as 10 minutes to make sure they thoroughly understand their results and possible next steps. All that is discussed is summarized for you in a consult note in your portal.
Our patient portal makes it easy for patients and their partners to view results, schedule a consult, access additional educational resources tailored to their result type, and share results conveniently with family.
Myriad’s provider portal acts as your central hub to order, track and manage all patient samples and their results, and view documented patient activity.

These virtual solutions are just a few of the digital resources and tools under Myriad CompleteTM that are available to you so that you can easily offer genetic risk assessment through your practice.

  • Patient education from certified genetic counselors
  • Electronic patient identification tools
  • Virtual ordering options
  • EMR integrations
  • Mobile phlebotomy
  • Cost estimates
  • Results management
  • Provider Portal
  • Patient Portal
  • Consult sessions
  • Provider consults

Get started with virtual ordering and remote patient education for the Foresight® Carrier Screen.  Fill out this form to have a Myriad representative send you additional information.  

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