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Prequel Proven Effective – Says Two Peer-Reviewed Publications

Two peer-reviewed publications show that the Myriad Women’sHealth NIPS solution, Prequel Carrier Screen, is accurate across all types of patients,including patients known to have lower fetal fractions due to high BMI. (Seelinks below to download both peer-reviewed publications.)

A cohort of 58,105 was sought to confirm Prequel CarrierScreen’s effectiveness. This study also included difficult-to-call samples suchas vanishing twins and mosaicism, as well as consanguineous, ovum donor, andsurrogate pregnancies. Results were delivered to 99.9% of patients whilemaintaining high sensitivity and specificity. Across the entire cohort, therewere seven false negatives.

In the past, patients have been turned away from NIPSbecause of their ethnicity and body habitus. However, with Prequel PrenatalScreen, they can receive an accurate and reliable result the first time. By choosingPrequel Prenatal Screen, you can now deliver superior patient care regardlessof body habitus, race, or ethnicity.

Download the peer-reviewed publications by clicking below.