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Sunset of the Reliant Cancer Screen

icon_100x100_blue_three peopleAs you may have heard, Counsyl recently merged with Myriad Genetics, Inc. and is now Myriad Women’s Health, Inc., a premier genetic screening and personalized medicine testing company. We have always had mutual respect and admiration for each others’ dedication to patient care and quality. We are excited to work together as one company in order to provide you with actionable information to guide women and their families in making critical and timely health decisions.

In order to best serve you, we have chosen to focus on a single hereditary cancer product. Beginning January 14, 2019, Reliant will no longer be available to order and Myriad myRisk®️ will be our single hereditary cancer offering.

With myRisk you can expect the clinical rigor you have been accustomed to, plus these additional features:

    • riskScore®️: riskScore is a clinically validated precision medicine tool to predict a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer using clinical risk factors and genetic markers. It provides women with their 5-year and lifetime risk for developing breast cancer. With the addition of riskScore, patients who test negative for myRisk can better understand their breast cancer risk and appropriate clinical options.
    • myRisk Management tool (MMT): The MMT provides a clear cancer risk management plan, based on a patient’s genetic result, family history, and risk models for patients with both a positive AND negative result. The recommendations included in the MMT are supported by well-known society guidelines.
    • Broad Access and Affordability: Myriad has implemented new policies to improve patient access. These new policies will support testing for patients who meet broadly accepted societal guidelines and include improvements to the patient financial assistance program. These improvements are anticipated to mean 75% of patients who meet societal guidelines will have no out of pocket cost and ≥90% of patients will have or will qualify for a payment of $100 or less.

Transition FAQs

Can I expect the same workflow services I receive with Counsyl Complete™?

We are actively integrating Counsyl Complete™ services for myRisk by prioritizing the features that are most important to you and your patients. In early 2019, our Complete offerings will be rebranded as Myriad Complete™ and your patients will continue to experience many of the services that you and them have been accustomed to, such as price transparency via cost estimates. Throughout next year, additional services will be added until we are able to provide one consistent workflow experience for all Myriad Women’s Health products.

Should I expect to see any workflow changes to Counsyl’s other products?

No. You can expect to receive the same workflow support you have been accustomed to for our prenatal products, Foresight™ Carrier Screen  and Prelude™ Prenatal Screen.

What do I have to do next?

Your Counsyl/Myriad Women’s Health sales representative will assist you in transitioning to myRisk.

icon_100x100_blue_gc heart.pngTo learn more about Myriad myRisk®️ and sign up for a free Get Started Pack, please visit

As we continue to integrate our organizations together as a singular Women’s Health team, you can be assured that our dedication to you, our provider partners and your patients, remains steadfast and will grow even stronger.