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Announcement: Counsyl to be acquired by Myriad

Patients, Physicians and Counsyl Employees,

The news is now public: Myriad is acquiring Counsyl, with the transaction expected to close at the end of July.

We have always respected and admired Myriad’s dedication to patient care and quality.  And we share common values on improving clinical decisions — not just technology for its own sake.

Counsyl is about “improving lives by providing actionable information that guides women and their families in making critical and timely health decisions.”

And Myriad’s vision statement is “to be a trusted advisor transforming patients’ lives worldwide with pioneering molecular diagnostics.”

We are completely focused on decisions in women’s health, while Myriad has a broader focus, with tests spanning Urology, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Oncology, Neuroscience and more.

Myriad has led the way in receiving premium reimbursement across a broad array of medical services, so there is much to learn from Myriad’s approach in medical affairs, health economics, and its approach to working with insurers.

I really think of Counsyl and Myriad as complementary companies.  Myriad has generated specific novel content and done biomarker discovery.  Counsyl has been more of a platform company: delivering value to OBGYN’s and their patients by making high-stakes tests clean and easy to implement in a busy OBGYN practice.

For a long time, we’ve said that Counsyl itself is the first customer for services like price estimates and on-demand genetic counseling.  That is, we built many of the tools at Counsyl to solve our patients and physicians’ needs, but we knew that other medical service providers needed these tools also.

Now Myriad might be the second customer for these services, as they consider how to incorporate these pioneering services into their broader portfolio of high quality tests.

The combination of Myriad’s expertise and Counsyl’s deep platform technology coupled with our deep customer insights and ability to effectively integrate genetic screening into clinical practice with OBGYN’s can accelerate our ability to reach and improve the quality of decisions for millions of patients at different stages of life.

Ramji Srinivasan
CEO and Co-founder, Counsyl