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At Myriad Genetics, we believe in the power of human understanding. That's why we offer a personal and thoughtful genetic insights experience for providers and the women who rely on them.

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We provide transformative genetic insights that let you focus on what you do best, offering definitive results and support whenever you need it.

Cancer Risk Assessment
Starting a family

Myriad Genetics MyRisk Hereditary Cancer Test

Help patients get ahead of cancer with
our hereditary cancer test

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Myriad Foresight® Carrier Screen

Identify couples at risk to pass down serious, prevalent, clinically-actionable inherited conditions

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Myriad PrequelTM Prenatal Screen

Get reliable results the first time with noninvasive prenatal screening

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Why Genetic Screening and Testing?


Myriad offers the following through Myriad Complete to help your patient navigate through the testing/screening process.


We provide resources to help educate your patients about Myriad products.


We offer a comprehensive program to make genetic products accessible for more of your patients.


We deliver screening and testing results effectively and thoroughly so you can focus on care plans.


We provide consults from patient educators, who are genetic counselors, tailored to help your patient understand their results.

All Patients Deserve Genetic Insights

At Myriad Genetics, you can count on us to do the heavy lifting in the moments that matter.

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